SasuSaku explained okay so in this scene Naruto is confronting Haku why she loves Zabuza whom he appears as a heartless ninja. 

Haku explains how he feels like he was unwanted in this world (same as arguably Sakura and Sasuke feel) Sakura felt unwanted because she didn’t fit in (large forehead) plus she feels like she is useless on her team. Sasuke feels he is unwanted because his parents were killed by his brother and he is alone.

Here KAKASHI is calling out Zabuza for leaving his Country for revenge and how it failed because he was too deep in darkness (sounds like Sasuke lol) Relates to times recently where Kakashi calls Sasuke out on his ambitions.

Now Naruto is questioning Zabuza and his realtionship with Hazu and Zabuza dismisses his feelings calling Haku just a tool (sounds like Sasukes speech on Sakura feelings for him) 

Now Naruto is questioning Zabuza’s feelings and defending Haku (sounds like Kakashi in Chapter 693 concerning Sakura) 

This all relates to Sakura’s character she was willing to do anything for Sasuke even leave the Village. Sakura doesn’t consider herself that strong and gets her strength from acknowledging Sasuke. 

Here Zabuza finally cracks after NOT LOOKING AT NARUTO (SAME AS SASUKE WHEN HE WAS QUESTIONED BY KAKASHI ALSO IN CH 693 if you zoom in on Sasukes face it looks like he is crying just like Zabuza) 

Sasuke is trying to become un emotional as he put it. He wants to collect all the hatred and carry out his “mission” without tears or emotions

Back to Zauza 

Hmmm Sounds like the same thing Sasuke says to Sakura when she and Obito save him….. 

Notice how Kakashi brings him too her ( like Kakashi brought up Sakura’s feelings to Sasuke) Also notice it is snowing…back when Sasuke was in the hospital and Sakura needed a flower and she got a flower that symbolized “lasting through the snow and being by ones side” 

Also Zabuza mentions his annoyance for Haku same as Sasuke but also says he likes her because she is Clever and kind 


I wonder how Sasuke’s perspective on life would have changed if he was awake to listen to Naruto’s speech to Zabuza concerning his feelings towards Haku.
» Sasuke Uchiha and his true intentions

For the opinions believing Sasuke and Sakura will not happen because he said “I absolutely have no reason to love her” have not understood the series. The series, Naruto, is about coming over odds and figuring out ones self identity through whatever past, or challenges that may appear. I think Sasuke finds Sakura “annoying” because she is a reminder of himself, and his emotions before the massacre of his clan and his suppressed emotions that he slips out occasionally. If he doesn’t care about her why can’t he look her in the eyes when she is confessing her feelings to him? If he doesn’t care why did he put her under a genjutsu (same as Itachi did before he left Sasuke after he killed off the uchiha clan)

Sasuke was a fun happy boy who loved his family and brother dearly and worked hard to please them and satisfy himself. Sakura does the same as she works hard to please Sasuke and herself.
“I have absolutely no reason to love her”
You may think now Sasuke doesn’t care. However what about considering Itachi in the beginning of the series, before we found out his true intentions, calling Sasuke “weak, pathetic, worthless” Didn’t we all make him up to be a murderous psycho brother who killed his entire clan and spared only his brother (hint relating to Sasuke not killing off Sakura when he could have easily done so). Or what about Zabuza, ya remember him, who said “Haku was a tool I used him and I have no use for him now and as for feelings I feel nothing” then 3 chapters later Zabuza is crying, apologizing, and realizing how much he loves Haku.

What about Gaara? Didn’t we all at one point believe him to be a vicious guy then later on find out he is The leader of the sand village and loves and appreciates Naruto for saving him (even though he tried to kill team 7 the leaf and threaten a lot of people). What about Neji who tried to kill Hinata, and called her a failure and Naruto one too, then to later on sacrifice his life for Naruto and Hinata because he so strongly believes in them, as strong true ninja’s (I miss him so much ;( ). What about Kakashi who didn’t even like his team now likes them!! What about Naruto who thought Hinata was “dark weird and gloomy, and completely weird” now who came to realize he likes people like her and “it’s thanks to you that stayed by my side ;) (because it’s like his old self, and or hidden side of him)!

Same goes for Sasuke he likes Sakura because to him he sees a side of himself in her a goofy happy sweet person (because it’s like his old self when Itachi was around)!! I seriously am so shocked some aren’t realizing that Sasuke deeply deeply cares about his team and Sakura and that he is treating her like this because he wants to bear the burden like Itachi did. He is bearing the burden because he wants his pain to never again happen to someone. Of course he is going at it the wrong way and no one should have to die for change (I’m calling out the whole Itachi murdering his clan which sparked this philosophy in Sasuke…just saying)

He wants to be with his family (dead) and thinks he doesn’t deserve to be around Naruto and the others that’s why he’s challenging Naruto because he, like Itachi did, wants Naruto to look like the hero that destroyed the villain. That’s why he “smiled” at Sakura (his eyes looked sad fake smile) and stabbed her in his genjustu because he has the notion he will die and doesn’t want Sakura, Kakashi, or Naruto to suffer in knowing Sasuke is good and that he cares about them so much that he believes he is a burden and doesn’t want them to bother with him anymore. Sakura’s words effected him because they are what he wants to do but (because of Itachi and his past of killing a few will save many (fucked philosophy) from his brother) he needs to stick with this outlandish plan so Naruto will kill him I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE THATS WHY HE SAID “I don’t understand a reason to how she could love me” he has such low self esteem it’s unbearable and he feels ashamed. Think of the chapters before it when Naruto said “we can all go home” as Sasuke was looking down and sad. I cried because this chapter was so heartbreaking as I love Team 7 so much and the other teams. Sasuke needs to understand he is not a fool or a burden and accept love as the Ninja god told Kakashi.

Come on y’all! I thought we knew better then to cave into bullshit! :) :)




Btw I adore Sakura. I really think she is a very very sweet girl to try and be there for Sasuke. I think she and Naruto and the team are the only family of light and unconditional love he has. (Sobs)
I love this show too much lmao

I sum up to say this series has got some of the best acting I’ve seen I honesty take notes.